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Drug Rehab Near Me

Drug Rehab Near Me

The long-term impact of substance abuse can be heartbreaking and severe. Evidence shows that drug addiction and substance abuse are accountable for over 5% of the disease burden across the globe. The shining light is that drug addiction is treatable as long as the impacted seek help from trained, caring professionals. When searching for drug rehab near me is the best first course of action if you or someone you care about is faced with the hold of addiction.

What Is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Residential or inpatient, drug and alcohol rehab offers therapeutic and medical care for participants around the clock. Addicts entering treatment get individualized care with the help of a multidisciplinary team of trained specialists. People live at the facility as they go through treatment, counseling, and related activities.

Some rehabs will also give medication as part of the treatment plan and any other medical care called for throughout the process. The programs may benefit anyone with a prior substance misuse history and co-occurring disorders, such as a mental health condition.

Choosing a Good Drug Rehab Near Me

When you or a loved one knows it is time to enter treatment for addiction to drugs, alcohol, or both, you must consider several factors. Picking out a rehab should include looking at the treatment modalities offered, their reputation, cost, amenities, and more. Effective treatment should also get tailored to your unique needs, whether for long or short-term care.

These are some deciding factors that will help you as you look around for good drug rehab near me:

  • Treatment style – The type of inpatient treatment you need gets based on your assessment and the drugs used. Your intake process will tell you what length of time may also be best, including 30, 60, or 90-day programs.
  • Substances treated – You need to determine whether or not the treatment facility you are interested in offers treatment for specific substances you have been using.
  • Cost – How you are going to pay for rehab is another factor. In some cases, you can enjoy financing, insurance coverage, or scholarships. Usually speaking, an inpatient program is more expensive than an outpatient option, but you will be able to find varying levels of care and solid treatment options at both.
  • Credentials and certifications – Always check into the certifications and credentials for whatever drug rehab you are interested in.
  • Aftercare – With any treatment facility, you want to have a good aftercare plan. Planning for how you deal with triggers after leaving rehab is crucial if you want to maintain your sobriety for the long haul.

Looking for drug rehab near me should never feel daunting or overwhelming. Annie’s House has the caring staff and treatment options you or your loved one needs to work on a path to sober living. Give us a call on our 24-hour hotline at (385) 324-3905 to learn more about what we offer or our intake process. A member of our team will also be happy to go over financing and what you can do to secure your spot to begin the intake process.

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Drug Rehab Near Me

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